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Money Ritual: A Myth Or Real
Money Ritual: A Myth Or Real

By - Adedoyin Shittu

Posted - 23-02-2020

Father used his 16 year old boy for money ritual in Bayelsa, Nigeria. The deceased’s body was discovered the next day by youths in the village, with some vital organs missing from his body.

This type of news, though disturbing, is very common in Nigeria. In fact, Nollywood has made a fortune selling such stories in their movies. The Nigerian Minister of Works and Housing and former governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, recently asked movie makers to stop telling such stories, because, according to him, money ritual is a myth.

While Africa is still awash with tales of voodoo and magic,  nobody that claims that “money ritual” is real can also substantiate it. The evidence people tender about its efficacy is typically reportorial, or some fantasy they picked up from home movies. Sadly many lives have gone and many families shattered just because some despicable and morally corrupt persons want to get rich without working for it.

There is a quantifiable amount of money in circulation around the world so where is the one from ritual coming from? Does it come from the central bank too or made in the spirit realm?


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