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Food Solutions Challenge 2020
Food Solutions Challenge 2020

By - Ayo Obafemi

Posted - 02-02-2020

We are very excited to have you join us this year in helping to uncover the resources, agricultural know-how, and markets that will improve their livelihoods.The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals state “by 2030, [we aim to] double the agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers, in particular women, indigenous peoples, family farmers, pastoralists and fishers, including through secure and equal access to land, other productive resources and inputs, knowledge, financial services, markets and opportunities for value addition and non-farm employment.”

Roughly 90% of the world’s 570 million farmers are operated by smallholder farmers. Female smallholder farmers make up almost 50% of the world’s agricultural labor force. This means that roughly 220 million smallholder farmers are women!

Supporting female smallholder farmers leads to numerous positive social impacts. Increased agricultural productivity leads to reduced hunger. Increased incomes lead to better health and education for farmer’s families and educating women is one of the best ways that we can positively impact climate change, zero hunger, no poverty, and gender equality.

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