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Meet With The Board | Discussion On Investments In Crypto Assets
Meet With The Board | Discussion On Investments In Crypto Assets

By - Ayo Obafemi

Posted - 09-12-2019

This edition of “meet the board” will be aiming to productively discuss on:

  • Investments in crypto and blockchain assets.
  • Understanding what cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are from the most reliable source.
  • If it is possible to implement crypto in your business and/or If it is possible to start your own business from scratch profitably from this industry.
  • Understanding technological disruptions, how they affect your industry and why it is important to be an investor rather than a user.
  • Personally experience and use the first Bitcoin ATM in East and Central Africa.
  • Questions, answers and queries on the particular topic.

We chose board room discussions, to give it a unique and productive feel as well as to make the session very interactive. Furthermore, due to the size of boardrooms, there are a limited number people who can attend each session, hence limited number of tickets for the session so make sure you register for the session as soon as possible.

Welcome all. Tag some friends, colleagues, business partners, workmates and/or relatives and come enjoy gaining this valuable information over a cup of coffee on the house!

Office Contact: 0732031181 (Jerry)

Kenrail Towers
Ring Road Parklands
3rd Floor Southern Wing
Nairobi, Nairobi County

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