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Supply Chain Technology and Systems Workshop
Supply Chain Technology and Systems Workshop

By - Ayo Obafemi

Posted - 12-01-2020

Want to learn how technology is used in supply chain systems from fundamental concepts to innovative applications? Weelo Business and ASCP – Association of Supply Chain Porfessioals are launching a series of workshops designed to introduce how technology is changing the supply chain. Seats are limited. Register today

About the workshop:
There are underlying fundamental principles and concepts that apply to all supply chains. To actually implement them across a real supply chain requires the use of technology across multiple systems.

What you’ll learn:

  • Supply chain fundamentals
  • Supply Chain Management systems
  • Analysis of data from supply chain systems

Who should attend:

  • Employees working in the supply chain industry seeking to upgrade their knowledge for career advancement
  • Graduates interested to learn more about supply chain
  • Individuals interested in changing careers into supply chain
  • IT managers/ supervisors working in supply chain

For more info on Weelo Business, request demo at

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