We were still regarded as representing the infancy of mankind. Our highly sophisticated culture was said to be simple and paralyzed by inertia, and we had to be encumbered with tutelage

Kwame Nkrumah

The fight against covid -19: African Scientist and the AU lead the way, while they rest of the world dithers

While the British and French media continue to write about Africa and it’s COVID-19 response with imperialistic smugness – Africa scientists on the other hand, continue to leverage, to great effectiveness, their growing scientific competence in genomics and virology, while centralising their cooperation, coordinated by the Africa Centres for Disease Control, an institute founded in 2016, as a result of lessons learnt from Africa’s 2014 Ebola crisis.

At the time of writing, the best available evidence now suggests the impact of Covid-19 across the African continent will be relatively mild. This is in large swaths due to the young age profile of Africa’s population.

An equally significant factor in what seems Africa’s success in staving off the worse of this pandemic is good governance and the effective actions which were quickly put in place.
Many African countries quickly imposed travel restrictions on foreign visitors from a number of countries with high COVID-19 infection rates very early on.
Country to Country also implemented some of their own ingenious methods; Ethiopia, for instance, conducted door-to-door survey’s that recorded the symptoms and travel history of each of the 5 million residents of its capital city, Addis Ababa 

Measures like these and many others across the continent, make it seem that the predictions of soaraway mortality as forecasted by Melinda Gates in this CNN interview hopefully will not materialise.

How would you rate Africa's handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic?

It is worth noting that Melinda Gates – the Karen billionaires, is not alone in her predictions of an apocalyptic proportion of deaths in Africa.
Some of the most alarmist and extreme predictions have come from international bodies, like that of  the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), which made an apocalyptic forecast that 3.3 Million Africans will loose their lives from COVID-19

What makes these predictions worrisome apart from the absurdity of it all, is that the modules are based on a prejudicial, one might even suggest, racist assumption, that there is nothing those African countries can do to mitigate against the spread of the virus to prevent an apocalypse.

All their projections and modules are certain that Africans are just going to be submissive passengers and passively succumb to the will of this ravaging virus. 

This pandemic must be Africa’s coming of age moment – to paraphrase Kwame Nkrumah, they still see our scientific advancement in disease control as simple and paralysed by inertia – and for us [Africans] to see salvation, they must come in to take complete control, strip Africa of all it’s agencies, encumber our scientists, while they place them under tutelage to their [the Wests] more advanced scientific ways.

This is the magnitude of their superiority complex!

How would you rate Africa's handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic?

However, while we should be grateful to our scientific communities for their ingenuity in tackling this Wuhan imported pandemic head on, we must not be complacent and rest on our laurels. 

We must instead, see this as a springboard, a self assurance if any were needed, that we are capable of tackling, diligently, our own issues with no need for foreign intervention or the “white gaze”, we must now divert that newly found confidence and ingenuity into tackling other long term issues: Police reform; the inequality of access to opportunities; lack of social mobility; industrial reform and infrastructure improvements; the Education sector reform and increase across the board, access to quality education and also address the ever growing wealth gap issues. 

These are what we must now urge and encourage our politicians, industrialists, scientists, technocrats, intellectuals and educators to focus on, while we as citizens, continue to perform our duty as our continents stakeholders and keep a vigilant gaze and interest in an equitable outcome.

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