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Africa and International Market Report: 09 December 2019
Africa and International Market Report: 09 December 2019

By - Jamel Lahiani

Posted - 09-12-2019

Wall Street ended the week by recovering loses. In fact, the data published about nonfarm payrolls NFP’s on Friday showing positive evolution and gives confidence about the US economy. Also, the optimism over US-China trade negotiations goes ahead. Concerning currencies, the US dollar is the loser face to
the British pound and the Japanese Yen. In the other side, the Bitcoin price realized second week positive performance by increasing 1.51% face to the US dollar.

In African currency markets, The Nigerian (NAIRA) was stable with 360.00 as parity face to the US dollar but the (South Africa) ZAR appreciates face to the US dollar by 0.41%.

The commodities markets were characterized by a decrease of gold price face to the US dollar by -2.62 % and an increase of the Crude oil price by 6.99%.

The last week main markets prices and variations

Market in Focus: 09 December – 13 December 2019

We have a list of high impact events this week. The publication of the events can leads to a strong movement or a trend for the related currencies. The discussion of the events impacts will be done within the daily FOREX report.

The publications that have a very significant theatricals impact are:

The China Consumer Price Index: it is released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. It is a measure of retail price variations within a representative basket of goods and services. “Thursday”

The US FOMC press conference: it is about an hour long and has 2 parts – first a prepared statement is read, then the conference is open to press questions. The questions often lead to unscripted answers that create heavy market volatility. “Wednesday”

The retail Sales released by the US Census Bureau measures the total receipts of retail stores. “Friday”

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