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Neoliberalism – An Idea Swallowing The World

By :- Ayo Obafemi

Posted on 13-06-2019

Neoliberalism – An Idea Swallowing The World

Discontent is spreading across the globe, from the yellow vests movement or yellow jackets movement, a populist, grassroots movement which has fashioned itself as movement fighting for economic justice. This movement began in France in October 2018. After an online petition posted in May attracted nearly a million signatures, mass demonstrations followed on 17 November.

Trump in the US a very unconventional politicians who galvanised his base mostly marginalised people who have missed out on the economic miracle promised by neoliberalism

Africa and Middle East with the youngest medium population remains impoverished in constant turmoil.

Fascism is also on the rise again, in Europe and also around the world. Bolsonaro in Brazil. Germany, AfD’s rise, Austria, Hungary, Greece Poland and UK BREXIT are all symptoms of the masses rejection of this “economic extremism” ideology.


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