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Swarms of Desert locusts Invade East Africa

By :- Kiraithe Daniel Mutemi

Posted on 16-02-2020

Swarms of desert locusts from Somalia and Ethiopia have become a nightmare to Kenya, a few days after the United Nations warned of their dangers if they are not combated expeditiously.

They could enter Sudan and Uganda any time given the speed they are traveling and the sizes of swarms witnessed.

Kenyans have cited insecurity and unstable Somalia government as an impediment to destroying them before they spread fast. Efforts to spray them have not borne many fruits as the source is not yet destroyed.

Billions of Locusts Swarming East Africa
Swarms of Desert Locusts

Experts have explained that extremely favorable weather conditions in 2019 created a niche to multiply and the current conditions support their survival. They are estimated to be billions in number considering an average swam of locust could have 80 million of the insects.

There are countless of swarms in different parts of the countries already affected. As of 20th February 2020, 11 counties in Kenya had report invasion of the insects while 21 counties are said to be at risk. There are challenges in combating this plague as governments of the affected countries seem caught unawares. The invasion of such magnitude has not been witnessed in the last seven decades making it even more complicated.


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