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Why Africa’s COVID-19 Cases are Lower than other Continent?

By :- Ayo Obafemi

Posted on 12-04-2020

The head of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, John Nkengasong, admitted that Africa’s coronavirus statistics were far from “perfect”.

“We just lack the means,” he told AFP.

But Nkengasong dismissed claims that a high number of infections had slipped under the radar, pointing out that if that was the case, hospitals “would be flooded with people”.

Another school of thought has attributed the low numbers to various actions taken by African governments.

This means that as Europe and Asia battled the covid-19 in its initial stages, African governments took lessons and emulated the preventive measures taken by the affected states.

This may then have helped reduce chances of the spread of the disease.

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What To Know About Novel Coronavirus?

The disease spreads from person to person through infected air droplets that are projected during sneezing or coughing. It can also be transmitted when humans have contact with hands or surfaces that contain the virus and touch their eyes, nose, or mouth with the contaminated hands.

COVID-19 was first reported in China, but it has now spread throughout the world.

Prevention and Safety cautions you need to Know:

There is currently no known vaccine or treatment for COVID-19. Infection can be prevented by observing personal hygiene practices:

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.
  2. Make sure you have received all recommended vaccines.
  3. If the influenza vaccine is available in your community, you should try to obtain it. Influenza virus causes symptoms similar to 2019-nCoV. If you can prevent influenza infection, you can also reduce the likelihood of needing to visit a health care facility for evaluation of respiratory infection. If you develop fever, cough, and/or difficulty in breathing:
  • Cover your cough or sneeze in your inner flexed arm/elbow or on a tissue paper.
  • If you have mild symptoms, stay at home. Do not go to school, to work, or to other public places until you are completely free of all symptoms.
  • If you have more severe symptoms (such as difficulty in breathing), cover your mouth with a mask or scarf. Go to a medical facility and immediately notify the first person you encounter (even a security guard) that you are worried that you have a respiratory infection.

Coronavirus in 52 African countries, 13,600+ cases, 742 deaths, 2,358 recoveries

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Globally

Cases1,      846,833        +162,000 New
Deaths       113,883           +11,747 New
Recovered 421,876         +46,377 New

Africa countries in alphabetical order and the numbers of Covid-19 cases
Algeria – 1,825
Angola – 19
Benin – 35
Botswana – 13
Burkina Faso – 484
Burundi – 5
Cameroon – 820
Cape Verde – 8
Central African Republic – 8
Chad – 11
Comoros – 0
Congo-Brazzaville – 60
DR Congo – 223
Djibouti – 187
Egypt – 1,939
Equatorial Guinea – 18
Eritrea – 34
Eswatini – 12
Ethiopia – 69
Gabon – 46
(The) Gambia – 9
Ghana – 408
Guinea – 250
Guinea-Bissau – 38
Ivory Coast – 533
Kenya – 191
Lesotho – 0
Liberia – 48
Libya – 25
Madagascar – 102
Malawi – 12
Mali – 87
Mauritania – 7
Mauritius – 319
Morocco – 1,545
Mozambique – 20
Namibia – 16
Niger – 491
Nigeria- 323
Rwanda – 120
Sao Tome and Principe – 4
Senegal – 278
Seychelles – 11
Sierra Leone – 10
Somalia – 21
South Africa – 2,028
South Sudan – 4
Sudan – 19
Tanzania – 32
Togo – 76
Tunisia – 685
Uganda – 53
Zambia – 40
Zimbabwe – 14


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