Sunday, April 2, 2023

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Ayo Obafemi

Ayo Obafemi

Ayo is the Chief Editor of Africa360 and is a seasoned professional with a strong background in data analysis and IT solution architecture. As the Chief Editor of Africa360 Degrees, Ayo combines his passion for geopolitics and its impact on the African continent with his technical expertise to create compelling, well-researched content for the blog's readership. Having worked for over 25 years in the IT industry, Ayo has developed a deep understanding of data-driven decision making and has successfully implemented numerous IT solutions for various multinational corporations. His extensive experience in data analysis has given him the ability to identify patterns and trends in global politics, particularly as they relate to Africa. Ayo's interest in geopolitics started as a young boy in Nigeria and he started to notice the influx of Lebanese migrants into the country. Ayo is a firm believer in the power of information to drive positive change, and he is committed to providing his readers with accurate, unbiased analysis of the events shaping Africa's political landscape. In addition to his editorial duties, Ayo frequently shares his insights as a host of his Podcast the Moral Maze. When he is not working, Ayo enjoys exploring the diverse cultures and landscapes of Africa, often venturing off the beaten path to gain a deeper understanding of the continent's history and its people. Through his work as Chief Editor, Ayo hopes to inspire his readers to take an active interest in the complex and fascinating world of geopolitics and its far-reaching implications for Africa's future.

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